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Customer Service

Always at your service 
We will not dwell too long on our customer service. It is simply active, at any time! It is because our service does not end up with equipment installation. Our computerized scheduling allows our experienced employees to service your equipment regularly and reliably, thus ensuring its ideal and economical operation. However, should a facility ever fail, our well-equipped repair service will come immediately. Your calls outside business hours are forwarded to the service hotline, from where the engagement of the appropriate service technicians is coordinated. 

What’s more, we monitor the functioning of your facility through a security system by phone without any action on your part. Any disruption or failure, e.g. in your air conditioner for computer areas or cooling systems for products, is reported to us immediately, with our prompt response following. Above all, this assurance system service offers you security as well as a remarkable opportunity to reduce energy and maintenance costs and to optimize the personnel deployment. You can feel comfortable when leaving at the end of the day, because it is us who takes care of your facility in your absence. Would you agree?

You can find out more about what PÖTTER-KLIMA offers within the areas of planning, plant construction, process engineering and manufacturing operation as well as about the way we work on the previous pages. We hope that we give you interesting insights and a better understanding of the great area of ventilation and air conditioning. 

Finally, our point is that we do not just claim to know more about better climate, we are also eager to prove it to everyone.

Talk to us, we will treat you openly, fairly and competently.