Our administration building was constructed in 2000. The building has a load-bearing steel structure with an aluminum façade and is equipped with our high-quality sun protection SRG systems
mounted inside on the windows. It is fully air-conditioned and ventilated. A total of 55 employees in commercial and technical areas work here on about 2,140 sq. m of office space. Would you like to get to know our service center?
Then come in! This is our nodal point, an information distribution center equipped with all modern tools. Two employees, as friendly as all the others,
welcome you in person or take your phone callsor messages.
The passage through the atrium. Enjoy it.The ground floor forms an important part of our bio air-conditioning.
We reach water evaporation of up to 200 l daily through plants and water surfaces, depending on indoor temperature.Evaporationhumidifiesand cools off the indoor air, which we supply to the office space.
e latter is further cooled by cold water from four huge steel tanks of 55,000 l each, located undergroundat a depth of 6 m and absorbing the earth cool.
The cold water is channeled through decentralized air conditioning units and, together with the bioclimate, ensures that every office room has a healthy and pleasant climate all year round.
Here is another view from the light-flooded atrium onto the three office floors.