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Floor heating system

Underfloor heating consists of a substrate material with interwoven silver threads for the power supply. The carbon nanotubes (CNT) dispersion is applied by machine in a strip coating on the 30 cm wide substrate. The length of the heating tracks is manufactured according to the room size and heat output. The finished heating tracks are laminated on both sides to protect them against moisture. The supply lines are each 5 m long and are accordingly shortened during installation so that they can all be led into a wall connection socket. According to our calculations and experience, you only need 90 watts per m² of floor space compared to conventional floor heating with 120 watts. The underfloor heating can be controlled using a conventional room thermostat.

The underfloor heating systems are manufactured individually in three versions according to the requirements. All three versions are patent pending.

1. Version:

The heating tracks are laid under the floor screed. This is also possible in damp rooms!

2. Version:

The heating tracks are laid on the screen using a thing-bed method underneath the tiles. In this case, the heating tracks are sanded, in order to ensure firm adhesion to adhesive.

3. Version:

The tile heater. In this version, directly below the tile, the heating dispersion is applied to a fabric and laminated to protect against moisture. The electrical connection cables are each 5 m long and can be shortened to the desired length. In this case, tile size should not be less than 50 x 50 cm.

With versions 2 and 3 there is the substantial advantage that retrofitting of floor heating can take place without any major construction work.