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Alternative heating technology for natural feel-good heat!

The principle behind a thermal wave heater ist simple and similar to the sun: the infrared radiation is absorbed by the walls and floors, which heat up. The absorbed heat is then slowly returned to the room.

The ambient air is only heated indirectly and the humidity level in the room remains unchanged. Thermal wave heaters differ from conventional convection heaters, which only heat the ambient air, which is not very economical depending on the size of the room. Thermal wave heating is therefore extremely energy efficient.

Whether we are talking about wall, ceiling or floor heating, the installation is very easy and inexpensive.

Since these thermal wave heaters do not require any moving parts to be installed, they are maintenance-free and extremely durable, meaning that no additional costs have to be taken into account after the purchase.


1. According to a study by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, the proportion of infrared radiation in the radiation spectrum of the sun is almost 50%.

The CNT-based infrared heating plates tested at the Technical Institute of the University of Karlsruhe achieve 75% infrared radiation and are therefore more than 25% more intense in their thermal effect. We are not aware of products that have such a high IR content. Competitors only rarely list their surface temperatures. With the graphene coating currently used by PÖTTER-KLIMA, the proportion of radiation in the total radiation of the ceramic plate should be more than 80%. Due to the appropriate insulation at the back and the focus of the IR radiation on the radiating surface, the higher the temperature values. This distinguishes our technology from the mass of products that are already being produced and sold in some countries. Since the high IR value has a particularly favourable effect on humans, the deep radiation reaches a high health value and the power consumption is still relatively low, our technology differs fundamentally from simple heating plates, where only the convective heat radiation can be measured.

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