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Medical applications

Beneficial infrared radiation for the body and joints.

Foot warmer with infrared radiation based on CNT, ceramic surface, swivel support, rubber feet, adjustable heat dissipation, a power consumption of only 12 watts, mains connection: 230 volts, frame: powder-coated sheet steel. (Legal protection of designs is registered)

Back warmer with infrared radiation, either for wall mounting or with a separate roll stand surface: ceramic, adjustable heat emission, frame: powder-coated sheet steel.
Power consumption only: 330 watts, mains connection: 230 volts,

Horse heaters based on CNT, 5 heating units mounted on an aluminium frame construction. 4 suspension eyelets, surface: ceramic, power consumption: only 1150 watts, mains connection: 230 volts, (legal protection of designs is registered).

Human and veterinary applications have achieved exceptional success in the prevention and cure of many common diseases. Renowned doctors like Dr Rachimov, who has been studying the effects of infrared radiation on the human organism for almost 40 years, confirms that nano-heating allows penetration of the upper layers of the skin up to 50 mm and improves blood circulation in a positive way. This "wonder plate" should not be missing in any household.

- Deep relaxation, pain relief and regeneration of joints and limbs
- Mobilisation and strengthening of the body's defence and immune system
 - Aids healing in the case of skin disease.

- Improvement of the blood circulation and cell oxygen supply

- Harmonisation of the nervous system and relief of nervous tension