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High-performance Dedusters for Any Sector

Dedusters in an explosion-protected design (version B1) all have the same objective: to ensure a smooth, efficient and dust-free production process. Our units are ideally suited to extract airborne particles directly at the source or at our patented extraction tables. Due to the wide range of functions, they are suitable for almost any application, for stand-alone solutions as well as a central solution in production. The deduster corresponds to the Technical Safety Regulations of EN 60335-2-69 and appendix AA+CC and is suitable for the application in explosion zone 22. Thus, it is intended for the extraction of dry, hazardous dust and for the removal of inflammable and non-flammable dust with an exposure limit value (MAC value ≥ 0.1 mg/m3 with recycling the purified air into the workspace). The directive 94/9 EC is applied and marked with II3D (explosion zone 22). Each deduster features large-dimensioned filters of the use category M or, optionally, category H, which ensure a long service life.

Special features:
- Corresponds to EN 60 335-2-69 and appendix AA+CC
- Suitable for the application in explosion zone 22
- Dust class M (including L), H possible on request
- Dust according to § 35 and 15 a GefStoffV


Typ PK-DS 630PK-DS 640PK-DS 644PK-DS 656
Housingsheet steelsheet steelsheet steelsheet steel
Length (w/o connection and exhaust air baffle)692 mm692 mm692 mm692 mm
Width (w/o connection and exhaust air baffle)712 mm712 mm712 mm712 mm
Height1895/2495 mm1920/2520 mm2570 mm2570 mm
Engine performance
1,5 kW2,2kW 3,0 kW4,0 kW
Voltage400 Volt400 Volt400 Volt 400 Volt
Negative pressure 2.300 Pa  2.600 Pa    3.000 Pa 3.400 Pa
Air performance
(measured at the fan) 
3.000 m3/h4.000 m3/h 4.400 m3/h5.200 m3/h
Air performance
(measured with 3 m tube, diameter:200 mm)
2.600 m3/h3.600 m3/h4.000 m3/h5.200 m3/h
Filter area
10/20 m210/20 m220 m220 m2
Protection class
IP 55IP 55IP 55IP 55
Sound pressure level( w/o sound absorber)69 dB(A)71 dB(A)72 dB(A)73 dB(A)
Suction connection
200 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm