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PK-IAT-SP Grinding/cleaning table, also with underfloor extraction

TypePK-IAT-SP 1000PK-IAT-SP 1400PK-IAT-SP 2000
Item No.A40080  A40081A40082
Working surface width/depth1000/900 mm1400/9002000/900
Working height850/770 mm850/770 mm850/770 mm
Head height2130/2050 mm2130/2050 mm2130/2050 mm
Total height2350/2270 mm2350/2270 mm2350/2270 mm
Total width1200 mm 1600 mm 1600 mm
Total depth1150 mm1150 mm1150 mm
Exhaust air2500-3000 m³/h max.2800-3200 m³/h max.3000-4200 m³/h max.
Supply air600 m³/h 800 m³/h800 m³/h
Supply air connection 
2 x DN 80 2 x DN 80 2 x DN 80

Exhaust air connection 

1 x DN 2001 x DN 2001 x DN 250

Standard features: 

  • Feet adjustable in height (mechan.)  
  • Earth connection-
  • Workplace light with tray, IP 65, 230 V 
  • Switch combination with socket, 230 V 
  • Connection cable with earthed plug, length about 5 m 
  • 1 set of vertical blinds for the sides, PVC, clear, with fixing rail made of V2A steel or closed sheet steel version
  • Steel worktop, 5 mm 
  • Lateral suction duct 
  • With the spacers 850/770 mm, possible to change the height of the working surface by 80 mm


Special features: 

  • Continuously adjustable height via pneumatic cylinder (with crank handle)
  • Supply air ventilator with speed control and ventilation connections
  • Exhaust fan and exhaust air systems
  • Colours (RAL) according to customer requirements
  • Underfloor extraction with steel grating worktop, zinc-plated 31 x 9 mm / thickness: 20 x 2 mm


PK-IAT-U Underfloor extraction table

TypePK-IAT-U 1000PK-IAT-U 1400PK-IAT-U 2000
Item No.A40070 A40071A40072

Working surface width/depth

1000/900 mm1400/9002000/900
Zinc-plated steel grating31 x 9 mm31 x 9 mm

31 x 9 mm

Head height

2130/2050 mm2130/2050 mm2130/2050 mm
Total height850 mm850 mm850 mm
Total width1200 mm 1600 mm 2200 mm
Total depth1160 mm1160 mm1160 mm
Supply air connection500 - 1200 m³/h 500 - 2200 m³/h 500 - 2500 m³/h
Exhaust air connection1 x DN 2001 x DN 2001 x DN 200

Special features:


  • Extraction system with fan
  • Turbulent flow extraction hood
  • Dirt collection frame with rigid or folding side panels
  • With spacers, height of the working surface can be changed by 80 mm
  • Underfloor tray with filter inserts
  • Duckboard
  • Perforated screen printing plate
  • Colours (RAL) according to customer requirements


PK-IAT-VARIA 1000 Grinding and polishing table, worktop with electric height adjustment

Item No.A40077  A40078
Working surface width/depthca. 1000/1050 ca. 1500/1050
Working height750/1050 mm750/1050 mm
Head height2130 mm2130 mm
Total height2212 mm ohne Werkzeughalter2212 mm w/o tool holder
Total width1530 mm2030 mm
Total depth1235 mm ohne Werkzeughalter1235 mm w/o tool holder
Exhaust air500 - 2500 m³/h max.500 - 3000 m³/h max.
Supply air600 m³/h 700 m³/h
Supply air connection 
2 x DN 80 2 x DN 80

Exhaust air connection 

2 x DN 2002 x DN 200
Illumination2 x 56 Watt2 x 56 Watt
Mains connection230 Volt230 Volt
Frame colourRAL-Farbe nach WunschRAL-Farbe nach Wunsch
Rear panel/side panelsSiebdruckplatte 25 mmSiebdruckplatte 25 mm
Telescopic lift cylinderType TLC12ZType TLC12Z
Operating voltage 24 Volt24 Volt
Current consumption4,1 Ampere 4,1 Ampere
Compressive force4000 Newton 4000 Newton
Protection classIP30 IP30
Standard controlKabelfernbedienung Kabelfernbedienung

Standard features:

- Feet adjustable in height (mechan.)
- Worktop adjustable in height
- Earth connection
- Workplace light IP 65, 2x56 W
- Connection cable with earthed plug, length about 5 m
- Supply air nozzles adjustable by hand
- 1 lateral and 1 top extraction
- Sound absorption via screen printing plates
- Remote control for the lift cylinders
- Screen printing duckboard 19 mm

Special features (at an additional charge):

- Exhaust air fan and exhaust air systems
- Supply air fan including ventilation connections
- Extraction on both sides (left and right)
- Sound absorption elements for high frequencies
- Switch cabinet
- Increase of compressive force up to 8,000 N
- Tilting device for worktop
- Tool clamping device
- Foot switch instead of remote control
- Illumination for explosion zone 1/21 or 2/22
- High-power LED illumination IP67 with transformer
- Worktops made of steel, plastic or steel grating

Note: Where the grinding table is set up in an explosion area, the required explosion protection must be considered with the supply air fans and extraction air fans.