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PK-IAT Soldering Table

PK-IAT-LÖ 630 PK-IAT-LÖ 1000PK-IAT-LÖ 1400PK-IAT-LÖ 2000
Item No.A40020A40021A40022A40023
Working surface width/depth630/600 mm1000/900 mm1400/900 mm2000/900 mm
Working height850/770 mm850/770 mm850/770 mm850/770 mm
Head height2130/2050 mm    2130/2050 mm    2130/2050 mm    2130/2050 mm   
Total height2350/2270 mm2350/2270 mm2350/2270 mm2350/2270 mm
Total width830 mm1200 mm1600 mm2200 mm
Total depth800 mm1150 mm1150 mm1150 mm
Exhaust air800 m³/h1300 m³/h1800 m³/h2500 m³/h
Supply air400 m³/h600 m³/h700 m³/h800 m³/h
Supply air connection 
2 x DN 80 2 x DN 80 2 x DN 80 2 x DN 80
Exhaust air connection 
1 x DN 1601 x DN 2001 x DN 2001 x DN 250

Standard features:

  • Feet adjustable in height (mechan.) 
  • Ground connection 
  • Earth connection
  • Workplace light with tray, IP 65, 230 V 
  • Switch combination with socket, 230 V 
  • Connection cable with earthed plug, length about 5 m 
  • Steel worktop, 5 mm 
  • With the spacers 850/770 mm, possible to change the height of the working surface by 80 mm

Special features:

  • 1 set of vertical blinds for the sides, PVC, clear, with fixing rail made of V2A steel
  • Continuously adjustable height via pneumatic cylinder (with crank handle)
  • Supply air ventilator with speed control and ventilation connections
  • Exhaust fan and exhaust air systems
  • Colours (RAL) according to customer requirements 
  • Partly tray-shaped worktop 
  • Side panels of stainless sheet steel ST 4301.1