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Animation video: Gravity roof ventilators

PK-WLF-AF Gravity roof ventilators

The system PK-WLF-AF has been developed to meet the highest requirements in industrial halls with a considerable thermal load due to processing heat, radiated heat, heating-up, solar radiation, etc. It uses the thermal lift within the building for natural ventilation without any energy costs. The aerodynamically effective opening vents are unaffected by the weather, the generated volume flow remains consistent, regardless of weather conditions.

The PK-WLF-AF consists mainly of a rain gutter construction, aerodynamically designed deflector plates, and regulating flaps. The standard module will be factory-built as a fully-assembled unit with connection and drip plates. Stainless steel insect and bird screens can be fitted as special equipment. For additional sound absorption, individual baffles are hung from the roof.

The connection to the respective roof construction is done via a prefabricated curb, which matches any kind of roof. This exhaust air system impresses by its reliability, excellent aerodynamic characteristics, suitability for various applications, and excellent rain protection. The gravity roof ventilation can either be combined with additional air inlet units or mechanically operated supply air systems.

Item No.
Aerodynamic efficiency:
Material version::

curb and PK-WLF-AF made of aluminium, stainless steel V2A / V4A, anodised, powder-coated

Adjustable regulating flap::electric, pneumatic, manual, optional SHEV feature, normal or reinforced version
Sound level dfference L::up to 38 dB
Standard dimensions:: width:2400 mm  x length: 3000 mm
AAcoustic:: sound-absorbing bottom or suspended silencing baffles according to customer requirements