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Sound absorption chamber

We manufacture sound absorption chambers, soundproofing encapsulations and soundproofing walls for industry in any size with sound pressure reduction as well as soundproof measuring rooms for research and technical development, consisting of individual wall and ceiling elements. Exterior walls are in profiled, zinc-plated steel sheet, with zinc-plated perforated sheet metal cover inside as mechanical protection and wall thickness of 50, 80, 100 and 120 mm. Sound insulation is predominantly in medium and high frequency range.


Freestanding support and roof construction. Sturdy frame construction made of zinc-plated steel profiles to accommodate the individual self-supporting soundproofing cassettes, which are connected with each other by additional profile plates and foam rubber seals. Chamber roof closed or with a slot for crane equipment. Doors as wing or sliding doors, single-leaf or double-leaf, with or without windows. Any special solutions are possible. Individual cassette assembly, e.g. hard cores, PE foils, foams, etc. can be easily inserted depending on the frequency analysis. Internal and external varnishing according to customer requirements.
Standard: zinc-plated surface.


- Ventilation system with additional plate silencers, fans, air conditioning systems, air duct system.
- Post-flow devices with sound insulation
- Integrated worktops with and without extraction as required
- Lighting device
- Working sockets 230/400 V, pneumatic connections
- Viewing window with triple laminated glazing.
- Safety interlocks and protective contact strips
- Double bottom in heavy wood finish