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We come to the point

We prove our strength of service every day! We perform more than 3,500 national and international maintenance contracts annually. You can also order professional regular maintenance as part of our climate care package at particularly attractive and fair conditions. It also includes industrial optimization of operation management as well as our 24-hour service and spare parts package.

Nothing works without maintenance
Even with best-quality filters, the recommended maintenance intervals must always be observed. According to the VDI 6022 recommendation, pre-filters (1st filtering stage) and secondary filters (2nd filtering stage) should be replaced at least every 2 years. However, shorter replacement intervals are often recommended, since they are germinated with pathogens after about half the recommended lifetime even with the slightest traces of moisture on the filter media. Pressure loss or a visible dirt layer on a filter surface alone does not automatically mean that it should be immediately replaced.

Moist and wet – germs aren’t upset
Even good-quality fine-dust filters do not separate germs 100%. This requires particle filters. Contaminated and germinated filters may become additional sources of germination. The undesired air constituents reach wet areas within an air conditioning system (humidifier/cooler) and find ideal growth conditions there. Therefore, all wet areas must be cleaned at regular intervals.