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For man and machine

Comfortable warmth in the working area is the prerequisite for a pleasant working environment. However, many conventional heating systems only work in the upper part of the workshop, and your employees get cold feet. With the current state of the art, this unhealthy and inefficient temperature layering should be a thing of the past. Whether with gas or oil, direct-fired or hot water-fed air heaters, infrared or dark radiators, ceiling radiators or underfloor heating, all these systems can be used for the heating of production premises. It is important to use the right heating system for your specific needs. If mistakes are made, high heating costs and dissatisfied employees are the result.

In many cases, radiant heating can be used at low cost. However, where an even temperature is required and ventilation problems arise at the same time, heaters that heat the entire indoor air are used. Heat recovery systems can also be installed in these systems, i.e. the ascending heat is reused. Ceiling air heaters achieve optimal heating and, at the same time, excellent air distribution. Wall or floor air heaters can also be a cost-effective solution.

Industrial and fan ventilators with the appropriate control technology prevent heat build-up under the workshop roof. At the same time, excellent results are achieved in the use of available heat. Temperature elevations in the bottom area range between 3° and 4° C in the framework of the gained experience. This leads to enormous savings in energy costs.

Talk to us, we surely have the right solution for your heating problem. We know and install all heating systems and have also developed additional systems, which are combined with the respective system to guarantee the best utilization of valuable energy.