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Professional Coordination

Take advantage of our momentum

How does cooperation with PÖTTER-KLIMA work? We would like to briefly clarify this issue to let you know where you stand with us. One fact, however, is beyond question: Right from the start, you are dealing with climate professionals.

"There are no buildings, in which good indoor air quality cannot be provided.
With good planning, the costs are even quite low."

Effective order processing is particularly important for all parties involved. It saves time and money.

Competent assistance: What a real professional can offer

  • He must be able to recognize and evaluate the hazard potentials of chemical, physical or biological origin
  • He must provide references and/or licenses proving his qualification.
  • He must be able to work out viable remediation proposals.
  • Your contact person takes time for you.
  • What you get is not just standard information, but our special tailor-made support
  • Statements are well founded.
  • You receive a binding offer with a detailed description of the service.

The mounting and the work coordination with architects or developers are carried out by our construction engineer, who remains your point of contact throughout the work.