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Exceptionally efficient foot warmer, heated by nano-carbon infrared radiation.
Stable, swivel stand console, powder-coated. Surface made of special fine ceramic for the release of heat and infrared radiation. Heat regulation via current regulator, connection cord with Schuko plug.

Operating voltage: 230 volts
Power consumption: approx. 15 watts
 Weight: 3.6 kg.

Dimensions: W x L x H = 39 x 34 x 9.5 cm


Hotplates based on CNT, surface with 5 mm thick ceramic plate, detachable supply line, handles, stable frame made of powder-coated sheet steel, rubber feet.
For commercial use, the frame construction is made of stainless steel.

Power consumption only:

Operating voltage: 230 volts
 Power consumption: approx. 100 watts Weight: 3.8 kg W x L x H = 34 x 35 cm
 Power consumption: approx. 150 watts Weight: 5.8 kg W x L x H = 63 x 35 cm



Bar tables with built-in infrared radiation heating based on CNT, frame construction made of galvanised powder-coated sheet steel, standard colour: grey, advertising can be printed onto surface, weatherproof design, tabletops optionally available in wood, plastic or granite. Supply line: 5 m long, ready to plug in,

Operating voltage: 230 volts
Power consumption: 600 watts

Dimensions: height = 110 cm,
Table top: 80 cm ø or 90 cm ø
 Stand: 35 x 35 cm
 Weight: 55 kg