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Extraction hoods

For the extraction of airborne pollutants, we manufacture extraction hoods of all sizes and for every need. Our extractions hoods impress by clean production and precise functions. Their standard housing is made of zinc-plated steel sheet, with possible special finishes in any RAL colour. The support frame construction consists of a sturdy aluminium frame with fixing lugs.

Special features:
- Extraction hood with edge extraction hood
- Extraction hood in a sound-insulated design
- Complete mobile exhaust hood with exhaust ventilator
- Vertical extraction walls for paint and separating-agent emulsions with filter devices, UV filters, wet scrubbers, etc.
- Installation of heat recovery systems

PK-IAH Standing extraction hood for existing work tables

Typ PK-IAH 1000 PK-IAH 1400PK-IAH 2000
Item No.
Head height
2050 mm2050 mm2050 mm
Total height
2270 mm2270 mm2270 mm
Total width1200 mm1600 mm2200 mm
Total depth
1200 mm1200 mm1200 mm
Exhaust air    1300 m³/h    1800 m³/h2500 m³/h
Exhaust air connectionDN 200     DN 200    DN 250     

It is a square tube construction with panelling in RAL colour, with the working height freely selectable for the customer, a working light in IP 65, a mounted switch combination with a plug-in socket (230 V), plug-in wired with a 5 m connection cable. The pollutants are extracted by suction slits between the baffle plates in different planes so that the pollutants cannot be inhaled. The advantage of these hoods is that they can be placed on the operating equipment provided by the customer. The result is increased flexibility, e.g. for larger workpieces.

Standard features:
- Frame colour (RAL) according to customer requirements
- Colour of rear panel and baffle plates (RAL) according to customer requirements
- Feet adjustable in height (mechan. + 70 mm)
- Ground connection and earth connection
- Workplace light, 2 flames, IP65, 230 V
- Switch combination with socket, 230 V
- Connection cable with earthed plug, length about 5 m
- Lateral curtain rails made of stainless steel

Special features:
- 1 set of welding curtains S9, mat dark green with mounting rail made of V2A steel
- 1 set of vertical blinds, PVC, clear
- Rigid sheet steel side panels
- Exhaust air fan and exhaust air systems
- Heavy-duty castors for moving the hood
- Heavy-duty castors for moving the rollers