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Feature video: Extraction table

Animationvideo: Extraction table


The only patented extraction table with integrated device for supply air and exhaust air

These special work tables are available in various designs and for every need:

welding >
soldering >
sticking >
cleaning >
painting >
multifunctional table >

These work tables have an integrated supply and exhaust air device. The air flow is conducted diagonally from the lower and upper table edges into the working area, so that the work bench user is constantly in the shielded air wedge. The supply air flow can be regulated infinitely. Due to the aerodynamically shaped baffle plates the pollutant-laden air is optimally entrapped and is completely suctioned off by means of the achieved Coanda effect. The work tables can be connected to central extraction systems or can also be provided as a single unit with a decentralized extraction system. The pollutants, which can be any airborne substances, such as welding and soldering smoke, gases, aerosols, dusts, and odours (e.g. adhesives), are extracted by suction slits in the rear panel and the hood. The diagonally flowing supply air ensures that the pollutants cannot be inhaled during the working process. The basic shape of all work tables is the same. Accessories can be installed similarly as in a modular system, e.g. additional underfloor extraction, paint mist eliminators, sound insulated worktops, etc. A work table can be easily converted into a special soldering table or paint spraying table due to the large number of accessories. The working surface height can be changed at any time by installing spacers. The tables are phosphated and painted in a dipping process. Our standard colour is RAL 6010 (grass green). The load capacity is up to 1400 kg. All tables comply with the CE guidelines. Individual production and special tables are possible on request.