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PK-WT Heat table with hood

Heat tables of type PK-WT are used for the controlled tempering of components. The main application areas are heat retention as well as material destressing after thermal processing. Our heat conditioning tables consist of a sturdy base frame with high load bearing capacity, superimposed double-walled insulation hood with four transport lugs. For the tempering, electric heaters are used in conjunction with fans via an insulated air duct system. Control is customized according to the application mode. Design and shape are available in any size.


Temperature spread 30 -  100°C
Voltage 230/400 Volt

PK-WT Heat table without hood

Sturdy heat tables with convector heating. Heat can be adjusted in a phased manner. Design and shape are available in any size.

Temperature spread 30 -  80°C
Voltage 230/400 Volt